A Brief Guide for Parents for Abroad Studies

published on 06 January 2023
A Brief Guide for Parents for Abroad Studies
A Brief Guide for Parents for Abroad Studies

This article is A Brief Guide for Parents for Abroad Studies. The idea of you moving to the other side of the world to live and study in a foreign country can be terrifying for your parents.

Studying abroad isn’t a journey of an individual but a bunch of people embarking on it. Students, Educators, Family members, and others have a significant role in it, particularly parents.

It’s natural for you as a parent to worry when planning to send your child abroad to study. There are many questions that cross your mind concerning their education – choosing the right course, country, and university, making applications, study visa, and most importantly, their safety.

As the child is ready to step into the broader horizon, parents must embrace their decision and take charge of the preparation on their own. Remember, your responsibility as a parent is much more than arranging the finances. 

This study abroad article for parents talks about how to support your child even in the toughest moments and much more. Keep on reading this article!

A Brief Guide for Parents For Abroad Studies - What you have to do as a Parent?

It is the parent's responsibility to support their child throughout this decision and be a part of the entire process.

Understand your child’s goals:

Being a parent, it is your prime responsibility to understand your child’s mindset. Talk to them and try to understand their purpose in opting for education abroad. It could be a career-oriented or personal reason but knowing what he/she is seeking helps guide them in a better way.

Research Widely

As a parent it is your duty to investigate the courses your kid is keen on, the university they have been discussing, and the way of life they would most flourish in

Think About Difficulties

Connect with those whose children opted for abroad studies. Take their opinions and suggestions of what they could have done or missed in their time, everyday situations the students can fall into & how to tackle them, etc.

Prepare a Budget:

Having an estimate of the costs involved with sending your children to another country can assist you with settling on the best choice.

It is not simply the education cost alone you ought to be computing in your financial plan, there’re significantly more costs included when you intend to send your child abroad. Consider different costs, for example, food, accommodation, lifestyle expenses, correspondence, and travel also

Get A Complete Health Check-Up Done

Before your child leaves for his/her studies abroad, and ensure they have undergone a complete general physical assessment, and dental exam (if relevant).

Get them all the necessary vaccinations & shots. Consult your doctor & make a list of all the general prescriptions. Ask them if the same medicine brands are available in the study destination.

Travel Comfort & Safety is Essential:

Travel safety is equally important, especially when they are traveling alone for the first time.

Safeguard your child with the following travelling safety measures.

  • Make sure to get travel insurance for your child.
  • Stay updated with the local laws and candidates’ rights as an international student.
  • Your child should be vaccinated well before for common diseases in the new destination.
  • Keep emergency contacts & share them with your child as well.
  • Equip your children with the travel safety kit and explain to them its use & purpose

Stay In Touch Regularly

There are numerous platforms through which you can keep in touch with your kid – email, Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and so forth. Having said that, it is important to not use all of them all the time. Give your kid some space.

In situations when your youngster can't react to your calls or messages, don’t freeze right away. It could be because of a busy timetable, low WiFi transmission capacity, or fluctuation in time zones.

Keep Emergency Contacts Handy

Keep emergency contacts handy. These could include the number of the university, a few flatmates, or friends or relatives you have in that particular country.

Connect with the Counsellors:

Counselling sessions not only for students but parents too. It will help you understand the culture & know-how of studying abroad. There are countless things to look for, and there is no better resource than consulting the counsellors.

Questions that parents of international students must ask

How will an international degree benefit my child?

When should my child start with the application?

What are the possible ways in which I can help my child?

What are the basic documents required to make an application?

How does it help my child’s career graph?

How safe will a new country be for my child?

Why should I send them to a country with no acquaintances?

How affordable is it to send my child abroad to study?

What are the accommodation options for my child?

What will my child eat?

What if my child goes through culture shock?

Which programs should parents look into?

Parents should look into the academic components of a program and the social elements. Students need to have a good balance between learning and having fun. It is helpful if there are other study-abroad participants living close to their children so they can easily socialize and have a good time and attend academic activities.

In addition, the living arrangements should be safe and comfortable enough that students can easily relax after a long day of studying.

How will parents help their children prepare for a successful study abroad experience overseas?

Parents can do a few things to help their children prepare for a successful study abroad experience overseas. Parents should make sure their children are well-prepared both academically and emotionally.

In addition, parents should encourage their children to do as much research as possible about the program and country they’re interested in studying in.

Here are a few ways you can help your child prepare to reach their dream of studying abroad.

  • Help Them with the Paperwork
  • Get Them to Visit the Doctor for a Full Checkup
  • Let Them Have Their Space
  • Encourage Open Communication
  • Remind Them of Their Goals
  • Prepare Them for Potential Challenges
  • Give Them Useful Resources
  • Get Insight from Other Parents

How can parents help their children succeed academically while studying abroad?

One way that parents can help their children succeed academically while studying abroad is to encourage them to communicate with teachers before the semester starts overseas. 

Parents should also make sure their child has enough money saved up in case they need any supplies during the semester.

What should parents do if money is an issue?

If money is an issue, there are several things that parents can do to help their children get the chance to study abroad: 

  • Parents should look at financial aid opportunities for studying abroad and apply if their child qualifies.
  • Parents can also encourage their children to work part-time while attending school to help them study abroad. 
  • Parents can also consider fundraising to help pay for their children’s study abroad.

Financial Tips for Parents

The cost of studying at a university abroad may be overwhelming for many families. However, if your child wants to study abroad, there are certain tips that parents could keep in mind in order to provide the best education for their children. 

  • Check for applicable scholarships
  • Inquire about student loans from banks
  • Start saving early
  • Create an education fund for your child
  • Be disciplined and make regular contributions to funds


Parents play a big role in students’ studying abroad adventure. Even though you’re all caught up in the thought of your child leaving its nest, know that they still need your help and support.

Providing your child with an opportunity to study abroad already makes you an amazing parent. Now, all you need to do is to be their rock and give them the support they need.

So, This article is a brief guide for Parents for Abroad studies. We hope you like this article!

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