Everything you need to know about Skoll Scholarship

published on 29 November 2022
Everything you need to know about Skoll Scholarship
Everything you need to know about Skoll Scholarship

The Skoll scholarship is a competitive scholarship for MBA students at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.  The Skoll scholarship covers the total course fees for the MBA program and partial living expenses.

Skoll scholarship

The Skoll Scholarship provides funding to entrepreneurs who have created or worked in business ventures with a social purpose or who are pursuing a distinguished career and who wish to increase their knowledge of market-oriented practices so they can be more effective in their next social change efforts.

Offered by the Skoll Foundation, it offers academic support for a career in social entrepreneurship. The scholarship also provides access to the Skoll Scholar Community where social entrepreneurs, investors, and world leaders who strive for positive creation and innovation through systems change, interact and communicate with each other.

The article will explain all the important details of the Skoll scholarship to interested applicants.

Key Highlights:

  • Scholarship Type: Needs-based, college-specific
  • Offered by: Trust
  • Organization: Skoll Foundation
  • International Student Applicable: Yes
  • Scholarship Website: https://skollscholarship.org/home 

Primary Purpose of offering Skoll Scholarship: 

The main purpose of offering Skoll Scholarship is to provide educational opportunities to a wide range of entrepreneurs, including entrepreneurs from developing countries, marginalized communities, or those who dedicate their time to a social enterprise/career at significant personal cost.

Eligibility Criteria for Skoll Scholarship:

To get the Skoll Scholarship, the applicant must be a social entrepreneur or part of an impact career. An impact career professional is someone who has used entrepreneurial approaches to solve the same social or environmental problem.

To obtain Skoll Scholarship benefits, the applicant must have spent at least 3 years in their social enterprise, which means:

- He/She started a social enterprise.

- He/She addressing a social or environmental problem.

- He/She has created an impactful initiative within an organization.

Finally, the applicant will also need to explain the need for a financial grant such as the Skoll scholarship. Since the program funds their MBA course, they should explain their financial situation or needs.

Benefits of the Skoll Scholarship:

The Skoll Scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and fees for the MBA program at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. The scholarship also covers partial living expenses. 

If the student is unable to complete an MBA due to financial constraints, this scholarship is an ideal option. 

Students are part of the Skoll Scholar community, made up of world-renowned social entrepreneurs; the program can therefore enable students to expand their professional and academic network.

Application Process:

Apply directly to Saïd Business School for the Oxford MBA program. Applicants must follow steps 1, 2, or 3 of the MBA admissions process.

As per the MBA application process, applicants must upload answers to the Skoll scholarship essay questions and submit their MBA application. Those who wish to apply for the skoll scholarship can find the scholarship essay questions in the “Funding” section of the MBA application. It is recommended that applicants must take approximately 1 week time for answering the Skoll Scholarship essay questions.

The MBA admissions team will then review the application and determine whether or not you will be accepted into the MBA program.

Once the applicant had received confirmation that you have been accepted into the MBA program, then the application will be directly forwarded to the Skoll Scholarship Selection Committee. Scholarship applications are reviewed after each MBA admission stage.

The applicant will receive an update on the status of their scholarship application and whether their application progresses to the final listing shortly after MBA admissions decisions have been made for each stage.

If you receive confirmation that your scholarship application is progressing to the final listing, look for an email from the Skoll Center with a link to the logistics and reference form.

Once you receive the email, fill out the logistics and reference form. This form consists of short questions to confirm your contact details (if you are invited for an interview), how you found out about the scholarship and your referee’s contact details.

Selection Process: 

The candidate's academic results, his experience in social entrepreneurship, and the answers submitted are decisive for his/her selection.

The selection process involves several stages and the authorities will keep the candidate informed about his/her status at each stage.

After the final shortlisting, the selection committee will inform applicants of their eligibility for the first stage interview. If the candidate passes this round, he/she moves on to the final interview stage.

Applicants who qualified all stages of the interview will receive the Skoll Scholarship. They can contact the authorities of the Skoll Foundation for any clarifications.

Documents Required:

Obtaining required documents is often a confusing and time-consuming process. Applicants should ensure that the required documents are prepared before applying for Skoll Scholarships to avoid wasting time and missing the deadline.

The following documents are required to apply for the Skoll Scholarship:

-CV or resume

-Educational certificates

-English proficiency test certificates like TOEFL

-Personal statement

-Academic transcripts

Things that are covered and not covered in the scholarship: 

Tuition and fees: covered

Living Expense: Covered

Accommodation: Not Covered 

Health cover: Not Covered 

Travel Expenses: Not Covered


The University of Oxford has a long tradition of leadership development. The MBA program offered by Oxford University builds on this legacy, providing a solid grounding in key business principles while developing a broader mindset and understanding of the role of business in society.

The Skoll scholarship opportunity offers total funding, including a living allowance for successful candidates to help them through the MBA study program.


1. Who offers a Skoll scholarship?

  • The Skoll Scholarship is offered by the Skoll Foundation and administered by the Skoll Centre, based at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

2. How many scholarships are awarded each year?

  • The Skoll Center typically awards up to four scholarships per year.

3. Is there any age limit to apply for the skoll scholarship?

  • The scholarship program has no age limit. All suitable candidates can apply for free.

4. Can Indian Students apply for the scholarship?

  • The Skoll Scholarship for Indian Students is applicable if they meet the eligibility criteria.

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