How to Pursue Interior Designing from Abroad?

published on 15 October 2022
 How to Pursue Interior Designing from Abroad? 
 How to Pursue Interior Designing from Abroad? 

Today we are discussing  How to Pursue Interior Designing from Abroad? Hope you like this topic.

You can study at the top universities without giving any entrance exams. We hope this blog provides you with the information you need and assists you in making an informed decision.

What is Interior Designing?  

Interior design is the art of studying behaviors in order to assist property owners in designing a functioning space within a home, such as the forms of a room's walls, flooring, and other features. To create an interior environment, a competent interior designer must master architectural elements and collaborate closely with architects.

Why Study Interior Designing?  

  • Interior designers are in short supply.
  • A career in interior design is definitely for you if you are creative, futuristic, imaginative, and artistic.
  • There is rapid growth in both the rural and urban construction sectors. The endless potential for growth makes interior designers extremely entrepreneurial. You can achieve a bright future As an independent entrepreneur.
  • In your role as an interior designer, you collaborate with many people from different industries. As a result, you will gain a lot of exposure.

How to Pursue Interior Designing from Abroad?

It's no surprise that studying abroad may enhance your experience in a variety of ways. If you choose to have an interior design degree from overseas, you will have the opportunity to connect with students from all over the world, who may become your network of potential connections, designers, and influencers.

You will be exposed to new approaches and trends while studying interior design from overseas. While learning, you will have the opportunity to construct a worldwide portfolio of work to demonstrate what you have learned and how you can aid your future employers or clients in India or abroad.

Top Countries for studying Interior Designing   

United States of America  

The United States of America (USA) hosts the most international students in the world. Quality education, a unique curriculum, a multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities are just some of the reasons why many Indian students want to study in the USA.

Our top picks of Interior Designing Universities in the USA

New York School of Interior Design  

The New York Institution of Interior Design is the only school that focuses completely on interior design education. It is also a top-ranked graduate school for interior design, indicating outstanding teaching, networking, and post-graduation options. They have a placement rate of 96%. The tuition fee is charged here on the basis of credit and is approximately 13 Lacs for the full course.

Rhode Island School of Design  —  Rhode Islands  

RISD, one of the most well-known and highly regarded arts and design colleges in the United States, is located in Providence, a city with one of the largest concentrations of artists in the country.

RISD is especially known for equipping children with hands-on experience and training. If you want to go for a graduate program, you should know that RISD provides a highly regarded grad program for interior design, where you can also get a Master's degree.


A study abroad experience in Italy would give you the chance to discover an incredible array of heritage, learn an extremely attractive language, and experience a very unique and vibrant culture.

Our top picks of Interior Designing Universities in Itlay

Politecnico di Milano  

Politecnico di Milano, which was the first Italian design school founded in 1954. The institution has two campuses, one in Milan and one in Turin, and provides degrees ranging from bachelor to doctoral level. Construction, Design, Reconstruction & Conservation, and Sciences Applied to Design are the main subjects addressed.

Tuition for a interior design course at Politecnico di Milano is 3lacs INR for full course.

The University for Design in Milan  

Milan's University of Design provides a three-year undergraduate degree in interior design as well as a four-year masters program. The curriculum includes design classes in furniture, lighting, and space coordination, as well as optional courses in fashion studies or handicrafts. It also requires you to do an internship that lasts between 12 and 18 months at various Italian enterprises located around the nation.

Tuition fee for the full course is around 4lacs INR.


Japan is well-known for its strong educational system, with an average student score of 529 in reading, literacy, math, and sciences.

Because the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEXT) regulates all Japanese institutions, degrees from Japanese universities are recognized abroad. You may be certain of an outstanding education if you choose to study at a university in Japan.

University of Tokyo  

The major reasons I picked UTokyo were that it is kind and inviting to international students, which makes studying there fascinating and unique. The cost of studying in Japan is relatively lower than that of UK and the USA. The tuition fees for full degree of interior designing cost around 2.7 lacs.

Chiba University  

Chiba University is ranked #813 in Best Global Universities. As discussed above, Japan has a welcoming attitude toward international students. You might want to consider studying here because of the low cost of living and tuition fees.

Hope you like this article How to Pursue Interior Designing from Abroad? If you have any queries about this topic, then let us know

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