Marine Engineering In Australia- Top Universities, Eligibility, and More

updated on 15 April 2024
Marine Engineering In Australia- Top Universities, Eligibility, and More
Marine Engineering In Australia- Top Universities, Eligibility, and More

Here we are discussing Marine Engineering In Australia - Top Universities, Eligibility, and More!

Marine Engineering focuses primarily on the development and production of internal systems of boats, ships, or submarines. Marine Engineering prepares students who can design propulsion systems, auxiliary power machinery, and operation equipment. Technical responsibilities also include working on board and maintaining these systems. Students of Marine Engineering have the opportunity to specialize in certain areas including hydrodynamics, naval operations, design and logistics, resources and aquaculture, and technology management.

Typical job roles include ship engineer, travelling service engineer, sales engineer, port engineer, and consultant in maritime accidents, casualties, and claims. Students who complete their studies in this engineering speciality gain solid scientific backgrounds, learn to work with industry-relevant software and hardware and develop a well-rounded understanding of the ecological concerns pertinent to marine engineering. These skills can lead students to career advancement and fulfilling positions across the globe.

There are several institutions offering the course in Australia. Keep on reading this article to know about Marine Engineering in Australia- Top Universities, Eligibility, and More!

Explore 10 compelling reasons why Australia is the ideal destination for international students, and uncover fascinating facts about this incredible country.

Why To Study Marine Engineering? - Key Reasons

I)Enhances different skills

II)Practical learning

III)Helping the economy

IV)Career growth


Explore the master's program at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and pave the way for an exciting career.

Marine Engineering in Australia - Facts

  • There are more than 80 colleges in Australia offering Marine Engineering Courses.
  • Australia has the maximum number of international students in the world.
  • Main Courses include B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Sc, Diploma, Certificate Course in Marine Engineering, and many more.
  • There are various jobs for Marine Engineering in Australia with an average salary package of INR 42 LPA.

Top 8 Universities To Study Marine Engineering In Australia 

  • University of Tasmania INR 37,25,000
  • TAFE Western Australia     INR 6,82,500
  • University of Western Australia  INR 35,00,000
  • Australian Maritime College INR 28,00,000
  • University of Wollongong INR 16,50,000
  • TAFE NSW Institutes             INR 8,50,000
  • University of Melbourne INR 12,27,000

Marine Engineering in Australia: Eligibility Criteria

The marine engineering in Australia eligibility guidelines usually include the following: 

  • For Master's courses, most institutions require a Bachelor of Science with a credit average in any discipline like biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography, etc. 
  • Some universities will have minimum GPA requirements. 
  • They may also require a Bachelor of Science with Honours in any related discipline alternatively. 
  • English language proficiency scores. 
  • Bachelor's program aspirants need to demonstrate their English language proficiency along with achieving the minimum cut-off scores as per their educational boards.

Skills Required to Become Marine Engineer

  • Communication Skills Team 
  • Management Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • IT Skills
  • Efficient Planning Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Budget Management Skills
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills

Marine Engineering in Australia: What you will learn

  • Engineering analysis principles
  • Naval architecture
  • Wave mechanics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Marine structures
  • Propulsion systems
  • Ship dynamics
  • Moored and diving systems
  • Coastal and offshore structures

Average Salary of Marine Engineer in Australia 

An Entry Level Marine Engineer with less than three years of experience can expect to earn an average compensation of AU$66,000 per year (50-55 Lakhs). A mid-career Marine Engineer with 4-9 years of experience earns an average compensation of about AU$105,000 (80-85 lakhs), while a Senior Marine Engineer with 10-20 years of experience makes an average of AU$153,000 (upto 1 Cr). Marine Engineers with more than 20 years of experience earn AU$ 160,000 per year on average (1.30 Cr-1.50 Cr).


Australia can be considered the best study abroad destination for studying Marine Engineering. Individuals who hold an engineering degree are usually in high demand, and that’s doubly true for those with a speciality degree such as marine engineering.

Students can pursue careers from anywhere in the world and find employment with government agencies, major corporations, and research firms. So, In this article, we have tried to cover everything related to Marine Engineering in Australia - Top Universities and More! We hope you like this article!

FAQs: Marine Engineering in Australia

1. What are the career opportunities for Marine Engineering graduates in Australia?

Marine Engineering graduates enjoy diverse career paths in the maritime industry. Here are some possibilities:

  • Shipboard Engineer: Work on various vessels like cargo ships, cruise liners, or ferries, managing and maintaining propulsion and auxiliary machinery.
  • Offshore Engineer: Specialize in oil and gas platforms, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of equipment.
  • Naval Architect: Design and develop new ship concepts, focusing on performance, stability, and safety.
  • Marine Surveyor: Inspect vessels and ensure they comply with safety regulations.

2. What are the additional costs to consider besides tuition fees?

While tuition fees are a significant factor, consider these additional costs:

  • Living expenses: Accommodation, food, transportation, and other daily living costs can vary depending on your location.
  • Marine engineer training: Practical training at sea is often mandatory for obtaining your professional qualification as a Marine Engineer. These training programs may incur additional fees.
  • Professional registration: Registering with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is necessary to practice as a Marine Engineer in Australia.

3. Are there any specific medical requirements for Marine Engineers in Australia?

Yes, all  Marine Engineers working on commercial vessels must meet the medical fitness standards established by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). These standards ensure physical and mental fitness for the demands of seafaring work. You can find more information about AMSA medical requirements on their website:

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