Ph.D. in France- Universities, Fees, Eligibility & Jobs

updated on 18 April 2024
Ph.D. in France, Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility & Jobs
Ph.D. in France, Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility & Jobs

In this article, we are providing you with detailed information about PhD in France, Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility & Jobs

Known for producing legends in the field of science and technology, economics, arts, fashion and philosophy, France is known for its culturally rich landscape, breathtaking architectures, cuisines, music, dance and so much more.

The elite universities and the plethora of different fields of study they offer is what makes every student choose France over any other study destination.

Ph.D. in France is a 3-5 year course comprising 6 semesters. Various top universities in France like Université PSL, Sorbonne University, and Institut Polytechnique de Paris offer several specializations. Due to the higher attraction of international students and the language barrier, overall 1500 courses are offered in the English language.

Keep on reading this article to know more about Ph.D. in France.

Ph.D. in France: Key Details

  • Duration -3 years or more
  • Eligibility -A master's degree or equivalent with decent marks, English language proficiency tests TOEFL or IELTS
  • Course fee- Financial help is given to the Ph.D. students studying in various universities of France. After that Fee ranges from 200- 400 Euros. (30-40k)
  • Average salary -€ 1200 - € 1400 (1-2 Lakhs INR)
  • Job profile - Scientist, level scientist, Researchers, Medical Science liaisons, etc.
  • Industries to work in - Education, Engineering, Industries, Research firms, Aviation or Space companies, etc.

Top 8 Universities in France for PhD (Fees INR)

  • Université PSL-Ph.D. in Arts, Humanities & social sciences, Engineering, Fundamental Sciences-33,861
  • Sorbonne University - Ph.D. in Arts and Humanities, Medicine & paramedical studies, Sciences & Engineering -33,861
  • Institut Polytechnique de Paris-Ph.D. in Applied mathematics, biology and chemistry, computing, Data and artificial intelligence, economics, management, Social sciences, etc.-25,396
  • Universit Paris Saclay - Ph.D. in Arts, Humanities & social sciences, Engineering, Fundamental Sciences-32,168
  • Université de Paris-PhD in Astronomy & astrophysics, environmental sciences, telecommunications, cognition and brain behaviour, Research in psychoanalysis, Hematology, etc.-33,861
  • École des Ponts Paristech -PhD in Applied mathematics, computing, Data and artificial intelligence, economics, management, Information communication, Electronics and physics -33,861
  • Aix - Marseille University-PhD in space culture and society, cognition, language and education, chemical sciences, legal and political sciences, physical and material sciences, etc.-29,629
  • University of Bordeaux-PhD in law, economic sciences, management and demographics, mathematics and computer science, physics and engineering, chemical sciences, society, politics and public health-33,861

Ph.D. In France: Eligibility Criteria

Students who want to pursue a Ph.D. in France must satisfy certain conditions for eligibility to apply to a university in the country. Although different universities have different eligibility criteria, here are some of the most common conditions you must fulfill.

A two-year master's or a five-year bachelor’s degree in the relevant field that you want to pursue a Ph.D. in France. More than 60% of the score is required in these to apply for a Ph.D.

The candidates should have a good academic record in the previous college or institution.

A good score on the language proficiency tests is crucial to apply for a Ph.D. in France. For the courses having a medium of instruction as English, the applicants need to clear TOEFL or IELTS. Whereas, with the medium of instruction being French, the aspirants also need to pass the TCF (Test de Connaissance du francais- Test for Knowledge of French) and Le TEF (Test de Evaluation de francais- French Assessment Test) examinations.

A valid passport and documents true to their expectations are a must.

Important Note: The top universities in France often prefer students who have had significant experience in their respective fields.

How to Enroll for a Ph.D. in Your Chosen Subject?

The subject you pick will fall in the scope of these two divisions: natural and technological sciences & social sciences and humanities.

Natural and Technological Sciences

The first thing you need to do is apply for a thesis subject that is published by French researchers. There are two types of subjects you can pick from.

Subjects already funded by the host establishment (Contract);

Subjects that you need to have your own funding for (Grant); 

As soon as you find the subject you like, all that’s left to do is contact the researcher or the doctoral school that published the subject.

Social Sciences and Humanities 

If you’d like to, you can prepare your own research project that you can present to a researcher. But you should keep in mind to be very specific, and make sure that the researcher specializes in exactly what you want your topic to be about.

Ph.D. in France: Study Cost

You can expect to pay the following depending upon your institution:

Public Institutes – Fees for Ph.D. is generally around €380 per year (INR 33,600)

Private Institutes – Fees in private institutes, especially business schools, is higher than public ones and can cost you between €3,000-10,000 per year (INR 3,600 – 8,84,000)

Ph.D. in France: Online

One of the many perks of getting your Ph.D. in France is the ability to complete it virtually. Apart from the regular option of pursuing a Ph.D. full-time, students can now pursue Ph.D. in France online as well. Listed below are the popular programs as well as the institutions offering them- 

  • Doctorate in Business Administration by Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy by ISM International School of Management 
  • Doctor of Business Administration by ISM International School of Management 
  • Ph.D. in Business & Management by ICN Business School
  • Ph.D. in International Entrepreneurship by Horizons University
  • Ph.D. in International Leadership by Horizons University

Ph.D. in France: Universities which Offers Ph.D. in English

Fortunately, you can get your Ph.D. in France in English, but it also varies depending on the field you’re studying. For example, in the natural and technological sciences, it’s very possible to conduct research and write your thesis entirely in English, but in the arts and humanities, it’s not as common. Be sure to search the university of your choice and see if they allow you to get your Ph.D. in English. Here are some Universities we found where you can get your Ph.D. in English.

  • ISM – International School of Management
  • EIT Manufacturing
  • Toulouse School of Management
  • Institut Polytechnique de Paris
  • Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Ph.D. in France: Scholarships Offered

There are plenty of scholarships for Ph.D. students to apply for. Even though the tuition fee for a Doctorate is approximately only €391 per year (35-40k INR), there are a lot of other things that will cost you to get your Ph.D.

There are such cases where you will need funding to conduct research and get a thesis supervisor. Here are some Ph.D. scholarships that you might find useful. 

  • Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence
  • Chateaubriand Fellowship Program
  • The Émile Boutmy Scholarship 
  • IESEG School of Management Scholarship
  • Aix-Marseille University Scholarship
  • INSA Toulouse Scholarship
  • Université de Montpellier Scholarships

Ph.D. in France: Jobs

Candidates after completing their Ph.D. degree can either opt for research-based work or to work in the academic sector. It depends on the availability and wishes of the candidates. Usually, a candidate can earn from €2024 to €5678 which accounts for about 1,80,000 INR to 4,90,000 INR. A candidate opting both for research and teaching can make more than 5,000 Euros per month. (4-5 Lakhs INR)

  • Ph.D. Salary - €2024.70 (INR 1,80,000)
  • Postdoc Salary- €2,000 to €3,700 (INR 1,80,000- 3,30,000)
  • Maître de conférences (MCF) - €2,169.63 to €3,865.97 (INR 1,91,832- 3,41,832)
  • Professeur des universités (PU) - €3,865.97 to €5,473.28 (INR 3,41,832- 4,90,000)

Dreaming of an MBA in France but unsure where to start? Alpha Edu Abroad's guide to the top 10 business schools in France for Indian students in 2024 has you covered! This article explores program highlights, fees, and key factors to consider. Take your first step towards a world-class business education – read now and embark on your French MBA journey!


France is currently the world’s fourth most popular study destination, thanks to its excellent culture, well-respected educational system, and comparatively low tuition fees. Each year, over 300,000 students travel to France only to attend its schools.

In this article, we have tried to cover everything related to Ph.D. in France, Top Universities, Fess and Eligibility, and Jobs. We hope you like this article!

Dreaming of an MBA in France but unsure where to start? Alpha Edu Abroad's guide to the top 10 business schools in France for Indian students in 2024 has you covered! This article explores program highlights, fees, and key factors to consider. Take your first step towards a world-class business education – read now and embark on your French MBA journey!

Ph.D. in France: Your Questions Answered (FAQs)

Which Universities in France Offer Ph.D. Programs?

France has a diverse range of universities offering Ph.D. programs across various disciplines. Here are some resources to explore:

What are the Tuition Fees for a Ph.D. in France?

The good news is that Ph.D. programs in France are generally very affordable compared to other countries. Public universities charge minimal registration fees, typically around €300-400 per year. However, living expenses can vary depending on the city you choose to study in.

Am I Eligible to Apply for a Ph.D. Program in France?

Eligibility requirements can vary slightly between universities and programs. However, most programs require:

  • A Master's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field from a recognized university.
  • Strong academic record with good grades.
  • Proof of English or French language proficiency (depending on the program language).
  • Research experience and a compelling research proposal outlining your intended area of study.

It's important to check the specific requirements of your chosen program.

What are the Job Prospects After Completing a Ph.D. in France?

A Ph.D. from a French university opens doors to various career paths. Many graduates pursue research positions in academia or private research institutions. Additionally, the skills acquired during a Ph.D. program, like critical thinking, problem-solving, and project management, are valuable assets in various industries.

Here are some resources for job hunting in France:

Remember, these are just a starting point. Conduct thorough research specific to your desired field and university to get the most accurate information.

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