Sandwich Courses in the UK - Types, Eligibility, Top University, Etc.

published on 11 February 2023
Sandwich Courses in the UK - Types, Eligibility, Top University, Etc
Sandwich Courses in the UK - Types, Eligibility, Top University, Etc

In this article, we are providing you with detailed information about Sandwich Courses in the UK, Eligibility, Top Universities, Etc!

Eliza was so much amazed when she came to know about Sandwich courses in the UK because of the fact that Sandwich courses make students more employable. So a thought came to her mind that deciding to pursue sandwich courses in the UK  is the best way to stay ahead of the competition in the current landscape. So she wanted to know more about Sandwich courses in the UK-Types, Eligibility Criteria, Top Universities, Etc. If you are someone like Eliza deciding to pursue a Sandwich course in the UK, In this article we have tried to cover everything related to it! So Keep on reading this article! 

The UK is a country that is very keen on improving quality education. Therefore, most topmost universities in the UK offer Sandwich courses. The concept of sandwich courses was spearheaded by Alexander Russell and articulated in a 1945 report by the Ministry of Education in the United Kingdom. A Sandwich Course is a 4 to 5-year course that combines an undergraduate/postgraduate degree with a year-long placement in a professional setting.

Sandwich courses equip you to increase your theoretical and practical skills that are accepted globally. Students get a chance to earn in their academic year, and it will provide you with the advantage of being career-ready immediately. There are several UK universities that offer sandwich courses in subjects related to Business, Maths, Humanities, Engineering, and Computer Science.

Sandwich Courses in the UK- Types 

There are two types of Sandwich courses, namely the thin sandwich course and the thick sandwich course.

1. The thin Sandwich courses comprise two to three internships or work for six months throughout the year.

2. The thick Sandwich courses comprise a one-year-long single internship or work at an organization. Usually, these organizations, companies, and institutions have a tie-up with the primary university. This helps the student to get the permissions or offers to work quite efficiently.

Advantages of doing Sandwich Courses in the UK

There are numerous ways in which a sandwich program can be used to add extra weight to your CV.

I) Owing to the hands-on training you earn during the course, it will provide you with the advantage of being career-ready immediately.

II) Sandwich courses allow students to earn money during the program and gain valuable networking skills and opportunities in the relevant industry.

III) Personality development. 

IV) Students will gain new cultural and language experiences.

V) You can always apply for other big companies even if you miss the offer.

VI) You can also get a pre-placement offer if you do well in your internship.

Sandwich Courses in UK- Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 60% from relevant/specified course and recognized board
  • Scorecard of English proficiency tests like TOEFL/IELTS/C1 Advanced. (Some universities exempt students from this if they meet the set criteria)
  • GMAT/GRE for Masters programs
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Portfolio (for specific courses)
  • A CV (if applicable)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Factors to Consider If opting for Sandwich Courses in the UK 

  • The extent to which the university is engaged with the student in seeking an adequate placement.
  • The placement options enlisted and scope available when opted for.
  • The support rendered by the university while you are in the placement period. 

Sandwich Courses in the UK- Top University 

Manchester Metropolitan University - Banking and Finance (BSC Hons), International Hospitality Business Management (BSC Hons)- Duration: 3 years full-time   Placement: 1 year

Staffordshire University- Mechanical Engineering (BEng and MEng), Cyber Security (BSC Hons)- Duration: 4 years full-time Placement: 1 year

Middlesex University- Fashion Design (BA Hons), Business Management (Marketing) (BA Hons) - Duration: 18 months and 24 months  Placement-  6 weeks or 1 year

Leeds Beckett University -Accounting and Finance (BA Hons)- Duration 3 years full-time Placement - 1 year

MBA Sandwich Course in the UK

Loughborough University Duration - 2 years   Placement- 1 year

Birmingham City University Duration - 12 months    Placement- 4 months internship

University of Sunderland Duration- 18 months and 24 months     Placement- 1 year

Kingston University London Duration-  2 years Placement- 1 year

Sandwich Courses in UK- Stipend 

Employers generally give students on sandwich-year placements with a fair salary, despite the fact that it is not a legal obligation. These can range from £11,000 to £25,000 [INE 11 to 25 lakhs], depending on the sector, region, and business, with an average salary of approximately £18,000 [INR 18 lakhs].


Sandwich courses have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. A sandwich course is a practical intervention for students who wish to get familiarize themselves with the industry and get employed with the skills employers value highly. If you are not sure if a Sandwich Course is right for you then just ask yourself if the hands-on practical experience is important for you. If the answer is yes, then you should consider getting both theoretical and practical experience.

In this article, we have tried to cover everything related to Sandwich Course in UK-Types, Eligibility, Top University, Etc. We hope you like this article!

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