Scholarships for High School Students to Study Abroad

published on 12 October 2022
Scholarships for High School Students to Study Abroad
Scholarships for High School Students to Study Abroad

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Wondering what a scholarship is? It's free money to help you pay for college! Scholarships are financial aid awards that don't have to be repaid. Sometimes the money is given to the student's school, and sometimes it's given directly to the student. If you're lucky enough to get a scholarship, it can help you pay for tuition, fees, room and board, and other college costs.

Scholarships have always played an important role in students' lives. They help students pay for college and allow them to focus on their studies instead of working long hours to pay their tuition. Scholarships also help students become competitive applicants. In short, scholarships help students reach their full potential.

Below listed are some of the scholarship programs for high school students.

Scholarships for High School Students to Study Abroad

1. Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Competition  

If you are looking to pursue your education in the field of software development then you might want to consider applying for this.

Students with High/Secondary School degrees in design solutions are invited to compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Competition. You have until May 2023 to submit your application. There is a USD 100,000 cash prize available through this scholarship. It is provided by Microsoft Corporation. All nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


  • Must be of 16 Years age
  • Must compete with a squad of four participants

2. James Alan Cox Foundation Scholarship  

Students who are enrolled in high school, secondary school, bachelor's degree, or master's degree programs in journalism or mass communication are eligible to apply for the James Alan Cox Foundation Student Photography Scholarship. Visit their website to apply for this scholarship. Applications must be submitted by 15 Nov 2023. This scholarship is provided by The James Alan Cox Foundation, with full funding of 2,500 USD. Students from any nationality can apply for this.


  • Only can be claimed in field of mass media
  • Acceptance Letter from accredited instituition

3. Scheme for Financial Assistance for Skill and Entrepreneurial Development  

In this scheme, the Indian Government is providing training to develop entrepreneurial skills. In addition to a stipend of 2,000 INR per month, a training stipend of 500 INR per week is provided.

It’s more of a skill training program instead of a scholarship.

High School students are eligible to apply for this program. You can visit the NHDFC website to know about the details.


  • Must be of 16 years age
  • Must have a Bank account

4. BeArt Presets Academic Scholarships 2022-2023  

High school Students of any stream can apply for this program. You can apply for this scholarship from their website. The deadline for sending your application is 01 Apr 2024. This is a fully funded scholarship in which 5,000 USD is provided by BeART to cover the tuition fee. This scholarship is Open to all nationalities.


  • Must be a High School Senior Student (11th or 12th)
  • Applicant must have an official acceptance letter from an accredited School. It is mandatory that the academic institution be accredited and recognized by the highest academic authorities in the country in which the institution is situated.

5. South Australia Department of Education STEM Scholarship  

A STEM scholarship program offered by the South Australian government is available for high school and secondary school students studying STEM fields wherein STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. You must submit your application by October 2023. The value of this scholarship is 2000 USD. All nationalities are eligible for this scholarship. The benefit of the scholarship can only be claimed in Australian Schools.


  • Applicant must be commencing SACE Stage 1 in 2022 to complete SACE Stage 2

(SACE - South Australian Certificate of Education)

  • Must be enrolled in a government school

6. Post-matric Scholarships for Students of Minority  

The government of India is providing this scholarship. The scholarship includes Full Funding of Admission expenses, Tuition Fee, and Maintenance allowance. This scholarship is Open only to Indian minorities.

Scholars who have achieved 50% or more in their previous final examination will be eligible for this scholarship. Parents'/guardians' annual income should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakhs, including all sources.


  • Students must of Indian Nationality as the benefit can only be enjoyed in India.

7. NASF Scholarship Award   

Students interested in studying Engineering or Chemistry in High/Secondary School are eligible for the NASF Scholarship Award. You have until 15 Mar 2023 to submit your application. NASF provides this scholarship, which is worth $1,500, through the National Association for Surface Finishing. All nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Scholarships must be claimed at any school in the United States.


There are many more programs available all cannot be covered here. But we have shared our top picks. Now pick the perfect program and bookmark these scholarship opportunities for future reference. It's time to convince your parents you want, need, and simply must study abroad!

Hope you like this article, Scholarships for High School Students to Study Abroad. If any queries, feel free to reach out to Alpha Edu Abroad for advice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can high school students find and apply for international study-abroad scholarships?

High school students can start by researching scholarship opportunities on dedicated websites, such as the Gilman Scholarship or the Rotary Youth Exchange. It's essential to carefully review eligibility criteria, application requirements, and deadlines. School counselors and online platforms like Fastweb can also provide valuable information on available scholarships.

Are there scholarships specifically for academic achievement or extracurricular activities during high school for studying abroad?

Yes, some scholarships focus on academic achievements and extracurricular involvement. Organizations like CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) offer merit-based scholarships for high school students based on their academic record, leadership, and community service. Demonstrating a well-rounded profile can enhance the chances of securing such scholarships.

Do scholarships for high school students cover all expenses associated with studying abroad?

Scholarships for high school students studying abroad often cover a significant portion of expenses, including tuition, accommodation, and meals. However, the extent of coverage varies. Some scholarships may also provide stipends for additional expenses. It's crucial for students to carefully read the terms and conditions of each scholarship to understand what costs are included.

Can high school students apply for multiple study-abroad scholarships simultaneously?

Yes, high school students are generally allowed to apply for multiple study-abroad scholarships simultaneously. In fact, it's advisable to explore and apply for various scholarships to increase the chances of receiving financial support. However, students should ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship and manage their application timelines effectively.

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