Studying Architecture Abroad: A Deep Dive

published on 15 October 2022
Studying Architecture Abroad
Studying Architecture Abroad

Today we are coming up with a new topic: Studying Architecture Abroad: A Deep Dive. I hope you like it. 

What is Architecture?  

Architecture is distinct from construction skills it is the art and skill of designing and building. It is both the process and the result of sketching, conceiving, planning, designing, and building structures.

How to Study Architecture?  

In order to obtain an architecture degree, which will facilitate your licensure as an architect, you have two options: an undergraduate degree in architecture called a B.Arch. You can also pursue a post-college master's degree, such as an M.Arch., which usually takes two or three years to complete.

How many Indians go abroad to study architecture every year?  

In the first three months of 2022, 1.5Lac students left India for academic pursuits, of which around 9,000 students left the country to pursue a degree in architecture or related fields. An increase from 2020 when 2.8Lacs students studied abroad for a full year of which just 7,000 were architecture graduates. In 2021, there were 4.2Lacs Indians out of which 12,000 were architecture students.

Why do Indians prefer to study architecture in foreign countries?  

The number of Indian students studying abroad is second only to China. The majority of countries also offer foreign students a stay-back option on their visas so that they can look for a job while on their studies. Among the factors listed below, multiculturalism is one of the most important factors.

  • The salary package is lucrative
  • A high standard of education
  • To Take advantage of niche courses
  • To become more internationally aware

Best Countries to Study Architecture  


When you study abroad in China, you will have the opportunity to see ancient Chinese architecture, which has evolved over centuries and can be found throughout East Asia.

Shanghai is the place to go if you want to see more modern architecture. Visit The Bund, the waterfront area along the Huangpu River that houses some of the city's most famous architectural feats. The Jin Mao Tower, Nanpu Bridge, and Oriental Pearl Tower are china’s architectural marvels. These structures are forward-thinking for China's place in the contemporary architectural community.


Think about living and studying in one of the most renowned and styling countries - England! Architecture is right at your fingertips when studying abroad in England.

The entire country is a mix of old and new, and it is home to some of the world's most recognizable architectural firms and iconic structures: Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, The name it. England has it all, from historic structures to modern marvels like The Gherkin.


Germany has a way of making you fall in love with architecture, even if you weren't already a fan.

German architecture spans multiple styles, including Carolingian, Romanesque, Classical, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern, and Postmodern, and is representative of the country's complex history.

Imagine living in Freiburg, a city known for being at the forefront of the development of eco-friendly technologies and architecture, or studying abroad in Berlin, where you'll be surrounded by the work of some of today's most influential architects, including Daniel Libeskind, David Chipperfield, Richard Rogers, and Rem Koolhaas.

When you study abroad in Germany, you will be able to visit places that you have only seen in textbooks.

Should you study abroad?  

Before studying abroad, we have put together a list of questions you should ask to ease your doubt.

Is there a city or country that fits my temperament?  

If you've never traveled outside of your home country, you might only know what you've seen in movies or on Instagram. Although this is a good starting point, it is critical to gain a deeper understanding of your motivations for relocating your studies to a new country.

Consider what kind of culture you want to explore and what values are most important to you in society, the language, and the country's safety and socioeconomic climate.

Are you ready for a Separation?  

Eventually, practically everyone leaves home. Moving abroad for the first time as a young student, on the other hand, may seem to increase the gap between you and your family and friends. Even if this is not your first time away from home, making the decision to travel and study abroad on your own can be difficult.

Will studying abroad be within my financial means?  

Even though numerous discounts and special offers are available for students, studying abroad may still be costly. When considering whether or not to study abroad, It is wise to plan ahead of time for all of your costs, especially if you do not intend to work while overseas.

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