The Best Creative Writing Courses in Canada

published on 26 December 2022
The Best Creative Writing Courses in Canada
The Best Creative Writing Courses in Canada

This article provides detailed information about the best creative writing courses in Canada.

As the name suggests, creative writing expresses your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and ideas in an imaginative, innovative, and creative way. It goes beyond the limits of typical literary genres where the reader is left with only facts and information.

Due to its unique educational system, Canada is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad.

Creative writing courses in Canada have been in existence for a long time. More recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of creative writing among people, especially, young ones.

To know more about creative writing courses in Canada keep on reading this article!

Creative Writing Courses in Canada - Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for enrolling in creative writing courses in Canada vary by course, university, education level, etc., but one of the essential requirements is your portfolio.

To cement their reputation as worthy writer, students are encouraged to create a sample portfolio of their best work.

Other than your portfolio, to be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree, diploma(high school), or advanced diploma in English or other relevant fields.
  • Students have to submit scores of English Language Proficiency tests like- IELTS (minimum score of 6.5-7.5), and TOEFL (minimum score of 90)
  • Students may be required to submit a writing piece along with a personal essay, statement of purpose, and recommendation letters.

Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Canada:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English literature – Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Writing
  • Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program
  • Master of Art with Creative Writing, Literature, and Language 
  • Masters of Art in Creative Writing and English
  • Ontario Graduate Certificate in Content Strategy
  • Master of Fine Arts in Writing
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Writing 

About top 5 Courses in Canada for Creative Writing:

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (Major), by Concordia University in  Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

As a creative writing student, you will develop your craft with the assistance of published authors and other students, learning how to approach literature from the viewpoint of a writer.

its faculty members are active researchers who contribute to the field. Among the other available creative writing programs in Canada, picking this one to enroll in might be the best move.

Duration: 4 years

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing by the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Students from all over the world enroll in the course because of its highly regarded international ranking and multi-genre writing curriculum.

The faculty members are well-known active writers. This course is among the best in Canada for creative writing, so you won't regret taking it.

Duration: 2 years

Master of Arts in English (Creative Writing) by the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada

The department is home to outstanding practitioners and educators in each of the major genres of creative writing, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and playwriting.

To make it simple for you to use your imagination when writing stories, they have knowledgeable instructors who will go over each subject in detail with you.

Duration: 20 months

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (Minor), by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada

By selecting this as one of your creative writing courses in Canada, you'll have the chance to take advantage of some wonderful opportunities that otherwise might not have been possible.

This course covers everything from poetry, novels, and films to blogs, games, and journalism.

Duration: 4 years

Diploma in Writing and Publishing by Okanagan College in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

You should think about attending this renowned institution to study creative writing. This course combines technical skills in graphic design, typography, coding and book publishing with English language learning, creative writing, editing and communication theory.

This makes the course one of the sought-after creative writing courses in Canada.

Duration: 2 years

Creative Writing Course in Canada: Types

Bachelor’s Degree (3-4 Years, Full Time)

It is strongly advised that students must take this course if they have a passion for writing, want to study in Canada, and want to learn more about the creative sector.

Poetry, movies, essays, fiction, novels, and other writing genres are all given special attention in the curriculum.

The students learn the fundamental abilities needed for writing as well as how to use their creativity and have a prosperous career in the field.

Master’s Degree (1-2 years, Full Time)

A Master’s in Creative Writing is a type of postgraduate degree that students typically pursue after completing their undergraduate studies.

This course enables you to delve into aspects of literature writing by covering all aspects of writing from grammar and vocabulary to key areas such as literary analysis, plot development, etc.

After completing this course, students gain a deeper knowledge of creating novels, poems, films, etc.

Certificate Course, University of Calgary

The University of Calgary offers a creative writing certification program in online mode. This creative writing course in Canada is a 200-hour certificate course that allows you to hone your core skills in creative writing.

After the completion of the course, you receive a globally recognized certificate that revamps your resume and opens up more job prospects in the field of creative writing.

Top 5 Colleges for Creative Writing in Canada: Undergraduate Level 

  • Trent University        Bachelor of Art in English Literature- Creative Writing   INR 60,00,000
  • OCAD University       Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing     INR 70,00,000
  • Concordia University   Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing    INR 50,00,000
  • University of Victoria      Bachelor of  Arts in Writing       INR 60,00,000
  • The University of New Brunswick     Bachelor of Arts in English - Creative Writing  INR 50,00,000

Top 8 Colleges for Creative Writing in Canada : Postgraduate Level

  • University of British Columbia     Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing     INR 10,00,000-11,00,000
  • University of British Columbia    Master in Fine Arts        INR 5,42,045
  • The University of British Columbia    Film Production and Creative Writing INR 5,42,045
  • University of Victoria    Masters of Fine Arts in writing   INR 6,00,000-7,00,000
  • Humber College   PG Certificate in Professional Writing and Communications 

INR 9,42,500

  • University of Toronto     Masters of Art in English- creative writing INR 20,00,000-25,00,000
  • Concordia University Masters of Art in English- creative writing INR 25,00,000

Cost of Living in Canada: 1-year

Tuition fees  - Depends on the university 

Accommodation - INR 5-7 lakhs

Food and beverages - INR 2,00,000 approx.

Travel expenses- INR 50,000-60,000

Books and study material-INR 50,000-1,00,000

Personal expenses- INR 1,00,000 approx.

Creative Writing Course in Canada: Pre-Arrival Cost 

English Proficiency Test  - IELTS/TOEFL (one-time) - INR 14,000

Application fees- INR 6,000-10,000

Visa fees (one time)- INR 12,000 approx.

Purchase of GIC (one time)- INR 5,50,000

Airfare - INR 1,00,000 approx.

Study permit- INR 8000

Health insurance (one year) - INR 50,000

Creative Writing Course in Canada: Job Prospects

The career opportunities for creative writing courses in Canada are vast. Students with experience and determination can find various job profiles in creative writing, marketing, publishing, entertainment, and freelance.

Here are some job prospects for creative writing:

  • Advertising copywriter
  • Creative director
  • Book Translator
  • Magazine journalist
  • Digital copywriter
  • Legacy Writer
  • Content Developer
  • Editorial assistant
  • Web content manager
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Lexicographer
  • Journalist 
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Ghostwriter
  • Scriptwriter
  • Critic

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With Canada's extensive selection of creative writing programs, aspirants can master various literary techniques and composing idioms and soar to new heights in the field of writing.

In this article, we tried to cover everything related to the best creative writing courses in Canada. We hope you like this article.

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