Top MBA Programs Accepting GRE

published on 05 November 2022
Top MBA Programs Accepting GRE
Top MBA Programs Accepting GRE

In this article, we are sharing The Top MBA Programs Accepting GRE. I hope you like it.

However, not all MBA programs accept the GRE. So where can you take it? Below are our top 5 picks of top business schools that will accept your GRE scores:

Who Accepts the GRE? 

The GRE is a standardized test accepted by most of the world’s top universities. It is a computer-based exam with an adaptive format, which means that the difficulty level of the questions that you see changes depending on your responses to previous questions.

The GRE is accepted by thousands of graduate schools across the world, and many of these institutions are now also accepting GRE scores for MBA applications.

These include top business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, INSEAD, and Yale.

Which Schools Accept the GRE for MBA Admissions?

The following are some of the top business schools that accept the GRE for MBA applications:

1. Harvard Business School (HBS) 

Harvard Business School (HBS) - Harvard Business School is one of the top business schools in the world, with a reputation for being extremely competitive. Harvard accepts the GRE, and also allows applicants to choose which test they would like to submit. HBS MBA applicants can use the GRE as an alternative to the GMAT.

The cost of an MBA at Harvard University ranges from $150,000 to $200,000 USD for tuition alone. This does not include living expenses or other fees that may be incurred during your time at Harvard.

2. MIT Sloan School of Management 

MIT Sloan School of Management - One of the best business schools in the world, MIT also accepts the GRE for MBA admissions. It is ranked as the best business school in the United States and among the top 10 in the world.

The cost of an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management is $1,000,000. The tuition fee includes all expenses for two years including books, food, housing and other expenses.

3. Washington University 

Washington University is a private research university in St. Louis, Missouri. It was founded in 1853 and is currently ranked as the best university in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report.

Washington University has an alumni network of over 100,000 graduates worldwide and offers a variety of MBA programs for students to choose from. The cost of an MBA at Washington University ranges from $80,000 to $120,000 depending on the program chosen and whether or not it includes living expense                                                                                     

4. University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has a long history and is one of the oldest universities in the world. The university has a vibrant study culture and offers a wide range of courses to its students.

The Saïd Business School at Oxford is one of the top business schools in Europe. It offers MBA programs for both full-time and part-time students. The MBA program at Saïd Business School is ranked as one of the best MBA programs in Europe by the Financial Times, QS, and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). 

5. University of Illinois 

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a public research university in Illinois. It is the flagship campus of the University of Illinois system.

The Gies College of Business offers a full-time MBA program with two options:

1) Full-time MBA (2 years)

2) Executive MBA (1 year)

The cost for the full-time MBA program is $65,000 and for the Executive MBA program it is $55,000.

What’s Bad About the GRE for MBA Admissions?

The main disadvantage of taking the GRE for MBA applications is the lack of familiarity that admissions officers have with the test. Most business school admissions officers have been trained to administer the GMAT, which means that they are more familiar with the format and questions on this exam.

The GMAT is also more standardized, which means that it is easier to compare scores across different years, locations, and test-takers. The GRE is more adaptive, which means that it changes based on your responses to previous questions. This can make it more difficult to determine the exact score that a given applicant receives.

Another disadvantage of taking the GRE is the time commitment. The GRE is a long exam that takes 3 hours, 45 minutes, which is about 20 minutes longer than the GMAT. If you are retaking the exam, you will need to factor in all the preparations and studying, which will take even longer.

You may also be at a disadvantage if you are applying to a program that only accepts the GMAT. Some MBA programs such as Stanford and Wharton are more traditional and may prefer that you take the GMAT.

The Bottom Line

The GRE has grown in popularity in recent years because of the growing number of business schools that accept it and the conveniences of the computer-based testing format. If you have already taken the GRE, you do not need to retake the exam for MBA applications. You should, however, make sure that you study for the exam several months in advance, particularly if you are taking the computer-based exam.

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