What is the Cost of Studying MBBS Abroad

published on 13 October 2022
What is the Cost of Studying MBBS Abroad
What is the Cost of Studying MBBS Abroad

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Why Study MBBS Abroad?

The Study of medicine and surgery referred to as MBBS has grown in the last few years among the young in India. Today many students applying to study MBBS abroad are much larger than what absolutely were a couple of years back. Why so? A limited quantity of government seats coupled with exorbitant tuition fees levied by private medical colleges has pushed a particular part of Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad.

A total of 542 government and private colleges provide around 70 thousand seats to students who have successfully cleared the now mandatory National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The number of seats made available from MCI is only a portion of candidates that register for NEET each year. In 2020 accurate documentation total of over 14 lakh students registered for the NEET-UG. Private institutions capitalize on this opportunity by charging exorbitant fees.

Studying MBBS out of the country not merely provides students with international exposure, and a chance to practice in a foreign land but also a holistic experience that is cherished lifelong.

While each country would have its own set of rules and eligibility criteria for international students wanting to pursue MBBS abroad, today we are going to talk about the general eligibility guidelines for Indian students wanting to pursue MBBS among the top countries overseas.

Age Requirements  

To be eligible for admission, a student must reach the age of 17 by December 31 of the year in which he is applying. MBBS abroad is open to students of any age.

Academic requirements  

Candidates looking to pursue MBBS abroad are required to satisfy the below-mentioned academic requirements.

  • 12th Standard from a Recognised Board
  • Physics, Chemistry Biology is Compulsory with a minimum of 50%
  • Must be Eligible for NEET and Submit his NEET score

Medical Requirements  

A Medical Certificate is to be submitted to prove the applicant is not suffering from any contagious diseases.

MBBS in Abroad vs MBBS in India  

There are more parallels than differences between studying medicine in India and studying medicine overseas. The National Level Entrance Test (NEET) is now required for admission to all medical institutions in India and overseas. While MBBS in India lasts 5.5 years and includes a year of hospital internship, MBBS education overseas can last up to 6 years and include a year of medical internship.

Students who study MBBS overseas have more global exposure, access to world-class college campuses, superior laboratory access, and a better student-teacher ratio. Candidates who want to study abroad can also work in the host nation and eventually settle there. All of this is available to students studying abroad at a much lower price.

Previously Students who have completed their medical education were required to take the Medical Council of India Screening Test, generally known as the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (MCI FMGE), in order to operate in India. But that has now changed to the NEXT exam. Every student who has completed his MBBS before starting to practice has to appear for NEXT.

Best Countries to Pursue MBBS  


Russia is a great option for studying MBBS. Below listed are a few reasons why you should:

The language barrier for Indian students who want to study MBBS in Russia is eliminated because most Russian medical institutes offer English-medium MBBS programs to overseas students.

Aside from the affordable tuition expense, students should be able to reap the most benefits in terms of affordability, as the living expenses in Russia are far lower. It has been discovered that students may survive in Russia for a month for as little as USD 100 to USD 300. Obviously, this is also heavily influenced by the student's lifestyle

There is modern equipment in hospitals on every campus across Russia. For foreign students, studying MBBS in Russia will be very rewarding.

There is widespread recognition of Russian medical degrees throughout the world. According to UNESCO and WHO, they are the best in the world. Thirty of the world's top 100 medical universities are Russian.

Russians might be world dominators. But you will find little to no racism there. The Russian people are known for their hospitality. Social and moral values are deeply ingrained in them. They treat foreigners like family.

Fees for Studying MBBS in Russia   

As far as the living expenses are considered they are very low, as discussed above.

Top Three Universities in Russia with Tuition Fee

  • Belgorod National Research University — INR 1.5 Lakhs
  • Bashkir State Medical University — INR 3.11 Lakhs
  • The Orenburg State Medical University— INR 3.1 Lakhs


Germany features some of the world's best medical schools. Because of the inexpensive cost of study and the high quality of education, it is one of the most popular overseas locations for Indian students pursuing MBBS degree programs. In reality, every local or international student studying in a public university in Germany is exempt from paying tuition.

Private institutions in Germany only impose tuition costs, but they are comparable to those in other countries. The NMC approves medical schools in Germany. As a result, any Indian student who completes an MBBS degree in Germany can obtain a license in India after passing the FMGE examination.

Cost of living in Germany  

In comparison to other European nations, the living expenses in Germany is fairly inexpensive. As of 2022, you will require roughly 900 euros per month to pay your living expenses in Germany.

Rent, food, and travel will be your most expensive costs in Germany.

Fees for Studying MBBS in Germany  

Top Three Universities in Germany with Tuition Fee

  • Heidelberg University — INR 1.2 Lakhs
  • Magdeburg University — INR 2 Lakhs
  • Munster University— INR 2.4 Lakhs


The Philippines provides an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree, which is equal to India's MBBS degree program. The country is well-known for its strong global reputation for high-quality education, training, and research, making it one of the most popular MBBS destinations among Indian students. Medical institutions in the Philippines provide high-quality education at inexpensive tuition fees for Indian students, which is why they are popular for the MBBS degree program.

Cost of living in the Philippines  

The cost of living in the Philippines is 50% cheaper than in the United States. Rent in the Philippines is 80% cheaper on average than in the United States. Without rent, a single person's monthly expenditures are projected to be $500.

Fees for Studying MBBS in the Philippines  

Top Three Universities in the Philippines with Tuition Fees

  • AMA School of Medicine — INR 3lacs
  • Davao Medical School — INR 3.5lacs
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College —- INR 4lacs

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