Why Study In UAE: Top Benefits and Courses

updated on 21 May 2024
Why Study In UAE: Top Benefits and Courses
Why Study In UAE: Top Benefits and Courses

Here we are sharing detailed information about why to study in UAE. What are the benefits of learning in the UAE? And the best courses available. We hope you like this article.

Study In UAE

So you have decided to study abroad but now comes the most challenging part. Choosing the perfect destination to study abroad is probably the most difficult process. Luckily, the United Arab Emirates could be for you. 

With a population of 10.04 million including only 1.5 million Emirati citizens, studying in UAE can be an attractive prospect for students seeking a global experience.

Studying in the UAE is also a gateway for students who want to learn more about the culture of the Middle East which is brimming with possibilities in the business and hospitality sector.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for changing student attitudes toward the country's educational infrastructure. One of the advantages of studying in the UAE is the excellent security and stability of residential wards and campuses

Universities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have seen up to a 50% increase in admissions in the 2020-2021 academic year. The benefits of studying in the UAE are manifold! Thanks to the rapid development of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is a popular destination for students looking to broaden their cultural horizons.

So what better reason to choose the United Arab Emirates to study? This article will guide you in detail about why to study in the UAE, the top courses available, and the benefits of studying in the UAE

Benefits of studying in UAE:

Here are some benefits to look at when choosing UAE  as your study abroad location

Quality of education at the universities in the UAE:

The UAE promotes established universities from around the world to establish branch campuses in the Emirates. University of Wollongong, Heriot-Watt University Dubai, and BITS Pilani Dubai are just some of the branches of renowned universities in Dubai.

If you decide to study in the UAE, you will receive an internationally recognized degree with English as the language of instruction. 

Extensive facilities and resources available:

There are myriad resources available to students studying in the UAE. UAE universities are always eager to offer students the opportunity to study in an international destination for a semester or more.

Internship benefits: 

Studying in the UAE gives you the opportunity to do local internships. Education in the UAE goes beyond just studying theory. Students will have the opportunity to gain UAE-specific work experience through local internships. So, studying in the UAE can ultimately give you a boost in your career and help you in getting a job.

Safe learning and personal growth:

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that guarantee a safe learning environment – ​​most of the top universities in Abu Dhabi, including the United Arab Emirates University, offer student accommodation or residential facilities.

Studying in an international country is a great way to learn more about the world, broaden your horizons and gain life experience that will benefit your future education and career. The UAE is a one-stop destination for this.

Top 7 Colleges and Universities in UAE:

Khalifa University: Fees- 30,000 (6,06,766 INR)

United Arab Emirates University: Fees- 10000 (2,02,255 INR)

American University of Sharjah: Fees- 80,000 (16,18,044 INR)

American University in Dubai: Fees- 80,000 (16,18,044 INR)

University of Sharjah: Fees- 30,000 (6,06,766 INR)

Abu Dhabi University: Fees- 50,000  (10,11,277 INR)

Ajman University: Fees- 90,000 (18,20,299 INR)

Admission Process to study in UAE

Bachelor's, master's, doctoral and diploma programs are available. As a student, you should choose the program that best suits your needs. 

English proficiency test must be passed by students before admission as it is the only requirement that every student must meet.

Admission Requirements to study in UAE:

  • Completed Application form
  • Application fee
  • Educational transcripts starting from High school education till the recently completed academic degree/diploma, etc.
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Evidence of Financial worthiness
  • Reference letters
  • English language proficiency test scores- IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc
  • Passport Size photographs

Top 5 Courses for Bachelors in UAE:

  • Bachelors for Business Administration
  • BBA with Major in Finance
  • BA Honours Accounting and Finance
  • BA Honours Marketing
  • BSc Honours Information Technology

Top 7 Courses for Masters in UAE

  • Masters in Economics UAE
  • Masters in Physics UAE
  • MBA in UAE
  • Masters in Education in UAE
  • Masters of Engineering in UAE (MEng)
  • Masters in Accounts and Finance in UAE
  • Masters in Medicine in UAE (MD)

The common requirements for these courses include a relevant bachelor or equivalent.

Cost of Study in UAE

If you want to study in the UAE, the cost is one of the most important elements to consider. While there are many financial aid programs available to students studying in the UAE, an estimate of necessary expenses helps students manage their budgets.

Under Graduate: 40,000 – 50,000 (8,09,022 – 10,11,277 INR)

Post Graduate: 55,000 – 88,000 (11,12,405 – 17,79,848 INR)

Diploma: 25,000 – 47,000 (5,05,638 – 9,50,600 INR)

Cost of Living in UAE 

The cost of living per person per month can be estimated at 3,000 AED on average. Some of the other expenses are outlined below:

Utilities: 202 AED/month

Internet: 360/month

Local Transportation: 220/month

Pint of beer: 40

Cinema tickets: 40

Fast-food combinations: 28

Study in UAE with Scholarship

Universities offer scholarships to students to encourage them to study in the UAE. Some Scholarships provide partial funding while some scholarships are able to fund the entire study costs of the student.

HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships: Full Scholarship

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada - Media Fellowships: Partial Scholarship

Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program: Partial Scholarship

Visiting Graduate Research Internship: Partial Scholarship

Royal Society International Exchange Program: Partial Scholarship

Fellowship Graduate Research Or Teaching Assistantship: Full Scholarship

There are also many other institution-specific scholarships offered in the UAE and students are advised to look into the details of the institutional scholarships before applying for any course.

Jobs in UAE with estimated salary:

Emirates: 163,000 (AED/Year)

FedEx Express: 185,000 to 285,000 (AED/Year)

Hilton Worldwide: 98,000 to 228,000 (AED/Year)

Microsoft Gulf: 328,000 (AED/Year)

Etihad Airways: 298,000 (AED/Year)


This article has provided detailed information about Why to study in UAE? Benefits and courses available.

The UAE is the perfect destination for those students looking for a truly unique study experience.

Overall, the UAE offers world-class education and ample employment opportunities. Students can build their careers through the education and employment opportunities provided by the country.


What are some popular courses offered in the UAE?

Universities in the UAE offer a wide range of programs, but some of the most sought-after include Engineering, Business Management, Information Technology, and Hospitality Management.

Is the UAE an expensive place to study?

Tuition fees can vary depending on the university and program. However, the UAE offers scholarships and living costs can be reasonable compared to other popular study destinations.

What about visas and student permits?

The UAE offers student visas to facilitate your stay. The specific requirements and application process can vary, so research the university's guidelines.

Is English widely spoken in the UAE?

Yes, English is commonly used in universities and major cities. However, learning basic Arabic phrases can enhance your cultural experience.

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